ECOCEREAL platform

Platform for the trade of organic cereal.

Our platform was born from the need for direct and practical communication between agents of the cereal value chain,
in order to facilitate transactions and planning of agricultural and commercial campaigns
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ECOCEREAL s a platform made for you. From here you can carry out specific operations or establish business relationships in the medium and long term. We promote agile, practical and direct communication between agents for a more effective relationship.

ECOCEREAL is a meeting, communication and business forum for organic cereal. An alternative to traditional commercialization models, which offers you agility, guarantee, transparency and easy and simple communication with producers in the organic cereal market of the POCTEFA space.

1. Select the operation that suits your needs
2. Schedule the logistics of the operation
3. Close the fair price with the provider
4. Only then do you pay a small amount to support the platform

The organic cereal market in one click

1. Register on the ECOCEREAL platform.
2. Accept the conditions of use and receive your accreditation to operate on the platform.
3. Register your offers of sales and / or purchase product.
4. Set a quantity and a price, indicate the characteristics of your product and your preferences in the transaction.
5. Post your offer and follow its status in the notifications menu or in your email.
6. Link with the offers of your interest and close the operations in a safe environment.
7. Consult the documentation about your transactions and keep traceability in an easier way.

Producer or transformer

Participate in the ECOCEREAL platform according to the profile with which you have registered. You can be a producer, a transformer, or both.

As a seller, you can publish your offers for the organic cereal products that you want to sell and access the real-time demands of the market. You will also have access to an integrated tool that will allow you to manage the entire agricultural season. From the estimates in planting, to the total volume per product once harvested. Control the volumes sold and the quantities of cereal that you still have available.

As a buyer, you can publish your needs to buy organic cereal and access direct offers from organic cereal producers.

Without third party intervention

In the ECOCEREAL platform, the price of the operations is agreed directly between the interested agents.
Your negotiation determines the price. Without third party intervention.

Campaign prevision

Direct contact between
supplier and customer

Operations analysis

Traceability of operations

Unified documentation

Only if you close operations

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Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

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